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Website Building For Authors

If you are looking for an author website builder, and you happen to be the writer you wish to showcase, you are likely self-published. This means that if you are going to have your own website, you are going to have to do it all yourself from ground up. It is no different than having to edit, typeset and create the graphics for your novels or books without any help. You've done it before. Doodlekit is your new partner! We are a complete web building and hosting solution for creating author websites from scratch and with ease. From creating pages and blogs with our text editors and image uploading interfaces which require no programming, to selling your work through a shopping cart, to creating a database of your readers, to even procuring your own domain name, we are a user friendly, one stop shop.

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Web Tools For Writers

Our web building and web design tools are ideal for a writer wishing to create her own website for premiering and selling her work. From concept to content, we make being in total control of your writer's website possible. Assuming you don't start with our free website plan, either because of your budget or because you wish to test our claims to being so user friendly, the first step is picking a domain name. Next, you name your site and insert your logos or header images, which may be either static graphics or a slideshow. Then you get to typing your blogs and creating your web pages. Perhaps you may wish to showcase each of your books or novels on their own separate pages. Finally, you create your shopping cart and start making sales!

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Customize Your Templates

If you truly desire to create a unique author's website, you don't have to select one of hundreds of our pre-designed templates from our library. You can use the power of our template wizard to build the look and feel of your website from scratch. Everything is at your fingertips. If you need a rare color scheme, our pallet offers thousands of combinations. Should rare text fonts be required, they just might be an option in our font library. Perhaps you wish your slideshow header to receive a bit of an unconventional placement, like in the side margins rather than horizontally across the top of the page? Doodlekit makes all of this and more possible. In fact, if what we are saying appears to be too good to be true, we challenge you to sign up for a free plan and test us with your own hands. We wager you'll agree we are a great web builder for self publishing authors.

With a Doodlekit writer web builder, agents and the so called literary establishment can no longer stop you!

Remember your History lessons? The Gutenberg Printing Press revolutionized the distribution of the printed word to the masses. As a result, the people were empowered, and the clergy, the wealthy, and the politically powerful could no longer keep the common man in the darkness of ignorance. We like to think that Doodlekit, as a web builder anyone can use, is like the Gutenberg Printing Press. It allows you, the self-published writer or author, to spread your word to the masses without being stopped by the literary establishment and its profit-motivated agents. They can't stop you, the aspiring artist and author, from putting your writing on the Internet for all to see, for anyone to buy, on the World Wide Web! Because you don't need a programmer or a literary agency to publish your novels and books, no longer are you chained and barred from ever being read. Say goodbye to the agony of a long line of rejection letters which say something like "Thank you for your submission, but..." Oh whatever! Just because you don't write pop fiction involving super spies or teenage science fiction romance, or whatever "sells," you cannot be stopped from putting your words before the eyes of the masses! Author websites are now a reality for writers of all genres, fiction and nonfiction alike, the deeply profound, and even the outright fringe work. When a writer can advertise her own work by blogging, and her words are objectively treated by the search and index engines of the Internet, the true judges of her work become her readers. Goodbye agents and your awful "Thanks but no thanks," "Don't contact me, I'll contact you," letters! The question, "What is Art?" will no longer be answered by the critics and the profiteers, or by those who desire to manipulate the masses with their political or capitalistic ideologies. Those truly seeking art, meaning and knowledge shall be made the judges. As you can see, we at Doodlekit have great passion for giving individuals the power to publish their own websites to the world, all by themselves. We truly appreciate and roof for the author websites we support and host.

How to name author websites; domains, titles, subtitles

First things first, when considering your author website design, the first thing you need to do is name your website, correct? Not necessarily. Just as with writing a book or a novel, with Doodlekit you do not have to give it a title to get started on your masterpiece. Sometimes the perfect title doesn't come to you until you are on your third or fourth draft. In fact, if you are testing our tools, interfaces, and editors because you first want to be sure we are the right solution, by having signed up for our free web site builder, you have to put off selection of one of your most important titles until you sign up for one of our cheap website plans. Nevertheless, when you use Doodlekit, whether having chosen a free plan or a paid plan, we give you, the author, web design leeway to decide when and how to name your website. Unlike most agents or literary agents, we don't tell you how or what to write, or when to do what. We like to think we support your artistic freedom. Now that we have established naming your writer website can happen at any time, this topic is still number one in our index of author website design and build topics, and we have not yet considered two more points: how to best pick a name for your website, and the fact that you really have at least four names to deal with choosing. Unlike a book or novel which has one title, you have to deal with three titles, which are tied to your domain name, header image, and site title/sub title.

Oh where is the website writer of that article on... I forgot... her last name was...

Selecting your domain name is perhaps just as important, or more so, than having the best author website templates in the world. Why? Because if no one can find your website in the first place, how great it looks is perhaps no more than theoretical. Go back and read the title to this paragraph, and bear with us, as we are proving an important and valid point in connection with your selection of a domain name. Here we are alluding to the thoughts of a person who has been exposed to your work, can't quite remember the title of it, but does remember your last name. This isn't a problem if she is at Barnes & Noble, right? She can find your book, should it be published in paper and on the shelf, right? First, your prospective reader knows your last name and that your work is fiction. Perhaps she even knows a bit of the story because she heard you do a reading at a local bookstore or library recently. For this reason, she just has to go to the 'Fiction' section of the store and find all the books published and on the shelf, which are bearing your last name. Just follow along in alphabetical order! After a quick glance over all the visible spine titles, your work is found in a jiffy. Snatched right off the shelf and taken to a cashier where money is paid, and some of it is a royalty you'll be receiving at the end of the fiscal quarter.

Our point? We believe your domain name is no different than your last name on a physical book at a bookstore. It is placed alphabetically, in the fiction or appropriate nonfiction section, and everyone can find it quickly. Some or many may disagree with our approach, but we firmly believe that what is called Search Engine Optimization, or ("SEO") is becoming more and more organic. This statement may be extremely cryptic to you, but the concept is far from rocket science. Essentially, we are saying that though the Internet arguably used to be easy to manipulate by using a bunch of computer programmer tricks and gimmicks in order to show up highest in worldwide or local Internet search results, search engine companies like Google have pretty much eliminated, or knocked to the bottom, the disingenuous stuff out there. The cream rises to the top based on the quality of the content you have published on your website. So, as you can now see, we are saying that if you pick a domain name that is straight forward and not tricky, and the content of your website behind it is quality and informative, you will likely do quite well. For this reason, we believe that it is hard to go wrong by picking your name as your domain name for your writer's website.

So, if one of your future readers Internet search types your name or pen name, plus "fiction writer," and assuming you are in the Gothic genre, "vampires," and that is likewise part of the search string, just the fact that your domain name contains your name, and your site contains "Gothic" or "vampire" terms, you should appear at the top of the search engine food chain. Of course we could be wrong. One of the most cryptic sciences out there is SEO, and there are many books on cracking this code, and many are getting PhDs in the subject these days. If you've heard people talk about the mystery of "The Algorithm," you now clearly know what we are talking about. Sometimes it may be hit and miss, especially if you have a very common last name. The bad news is that maybe your name is the wrong thing to use in your domain name, especially if something like the title of your work is more commonly known than your name, or if you really only intending on writing one book. The good news is that Doodlekit is built so that you can change the domain name of your website without altering any of the web content you have published. And of course, anything else you've done with your design, shopping cart, forums, blogs, writer website templates and the like, will remain unchanged.

This now gets us from your selection of a domain name, which can be chosen or changed at any time, to the selection of your header image, and site title/sub title. Here, we will keep it short by reiterating what we preached above, which is to simply use words and phrases for these titles which should naturally lead to your prospective readers finding you. Because you can always change anything in your Doodlekit author website template, including designing and using as many author website templates as you wish, and saving them to your site library, just start with the obvious and straight forward approach. Say who you are and what you have written in your title and subtitle. This includes the labeling of your header images, which you can learn more about in our technical forums. For instance, if your pen name is "Ms. Sanguine," and the title to your book is Vampyr Talons, and this will be your only book, or it is already selling a few copies, give a first try to titling your site Vampyr Talons, with subtitle "by Ms. Sanguine." Starting simple, to the point, and just giving a first try to putting your book or novel right where it belongs on the Internet Library Shelf can do no harm. If this approach does not work, Doodlekit allows you to change everything and anything on your site. It is also possible you just need to keep everything the same, but blog quality content for a while. This is a topic for another article.

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