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Website Design At The Right Price

You have to have a cheap website builder, or a free one, with a web template wizard, and the ability to upload and edit graphics. You need hosting for your site, a social media manager, a shopping cart, and even the tools for tracking your Internet traffic. The reason you are in such a conundrum is you don’t have the money to pay for an expensive website builder, let alone hosting. You can’t afford the high fees of a good web developer. But you have to have a website for your personal use or business purposes, and it has to be functional and to look great. You have to do it yourself, and you have incredible ideas for launching a new product line or service, or writing a blog your readers will love. Don’t worry! Doodlekit is your answer.

cheap web design

Low Cost Website Tools

The cheap website builder you need has to be simple to manage and not take all of your time. You aren’t a programmer, so your website tools need to be point and click, fill in the blank. Intuitive interfaces and editors are a must. You need to spend your time writing your blogs and web pages, not typesetting them using computer code, or software tools that don’t make it easy to just publish your ideas or promote your products and services. You need to be able to do everything on your website by yourself, and at best you can only afford a low monthly payment with no long term commitments. Doodlekit is here! We are your cheap website solution with lots of class. Try our free web builder. See just how easy we make publishing text and graphics.

cheap websites

Unlimited Free Templates

A cheap website maker does not have to be limited to offering you just a few cookie cutter templates or editors which fail to give your site a distinctive quality. Doodlekit gives you a website template wizard without the catch that you have to pay an arm and a leg to be able to custom select the exact colors and design you want. Our website building and hosting platform has been in a state of constant improvement for many years. Our skilled use of technology allows us to offer you inexpensive access to a web building portal that lets you do everything by yourself, from designing your own header image, to placement of your logos, to constructing the look and feel of your website without any prior computer programming experience.

Fancy But Affordable Website Building

A cheap website maker does not have to be limited to offering you just a few cookie cutter templates or editors which fail to give your site a distinctive quality. Doodlekit gives you a website template wizard without the catch that you have to pay an arm and a leg to be able to custom select the exact colors and design you want. Our website building and hosting platform has been in a state of constant improvement for many years. Our skilled use of technology allows us to offer you inexpensive access to a web building portal that lets you do everything by yourself, from designing your own header image, to placement of your logos, to constructing the look and feel of your website without any prior computer programming experience.  

Why Doodlekit is able to offer you a do it yourself, classy, and cheap website builder

We can tout our product, and go on and on about how our website builder can’t be beat. You can try our free version, without commitment and see we are for real! Have you seen our template wizard? It is incredible! Absolutely incredible! On top of this we don’t just give you cheap webhosting, which is bundled with an inexpensive website design platform; we also provide you the means for easily researching and obtaining your very own domain name! While all of this is true, and we do put the money where our mouth is, this does not tell you how we have been able to offer such a great quality product and service at such a low price.

The answer is that Doodlekit was built from ground up by two real computer programmers with substantial web developing and designing experience. We had years of real life hands-on experience helping everyday people build and manage their own websites for personal and business purposes before we even conceptualized Doodlekit. Through trial and error, and hard knocks, we worked with and spent years with just about every complex and commercial web building software out there. We were always, always trying to construct the most user friendly websites possible. Unfortunately, the task was onerous and frustrating. It was often miserable seeing how we couldn’t just build a website for a non-programmer and have them run with it without having to continually come back to us to be charged fees for not knowing how to write the code necessary to make what really should have been easy changes or modifications to their websites. So, long story short, we had a vision of what became the user friendly, cheap website builder, we call Doodlekit today. Boy it took a lot of sweat on our part, but because we did it all ourselves, and didn’t have anyone but real programmers with real customer service experience designing our amazing product, we are able to offer you a full website turnkey solution that you alone manage, change, modify and control. We take pride in knowing that you, the customer, have a cheap website that’s nothing but classy at your fingertips, and never do you have to pay us to fix a frustration we caused in the first place.

Ok, enough tooting our own horn! Please just give us a try, for free, to see what we have spent years designing and producing. We really aren’t a gimmick. Our cheap website builder really is cheaper than cheap, with no catches, if you try out our free version. We don’t lock you into anything you can’t escape. To give us a trial run all we need is an email address which we don’t sell or disclose to anyone. We just use it to confirm you are who you say you are before you go live. Whether you are trying our free builder, or one of our inexpensive web design packages, we don’t lock you into any mandatory subscription to a year or more of automatic credit card deductions, or anything like that. At worst, you only pay us for whichever package you select a month at a time. If at any point you are not happy with us, for any reason, you can cancel your service.

Cheap web design can be artistic and attractive to your customers and readers

When you build a website by yourself, it does not have to look like you built it yourself, at least not if you are using Doodlekit! Now that we have taken website building technology out of the Internet Stone Age and put real GUI (“Graphic User Interface”) tools in the ordinary, non-programmer’s hands, cheap website design is no longer synonymous with unattractive website design.

Here we must digress again, and once again toot our own horn. Yes, we know we did this in the paragraph above, but for the purposes of answering the question, “How did Doodlekit come up with a way to make cheap website design look good in a layman’s hands?” we offer the following.

Doodlekit was not envisioned and developed only by hands-on programmers with lots of direct customer service and desktop troubleshooting experience. Doodlekit was created by artists. One of our owners and founders wasn’t always a programmer or computer nerd. He was an artist with a knack for creating amazing images by pencil or pen, with a focus on fantasy genre material. While others enjoyed his hobby artwork, what really differentiated his art was his foray into graphic arts. For years before he ever touched any computer code, before he had even written a line of it, he was called upon by friends, family, and business associates whenever any marketing material needed to be created. If you wanted an attractive brochure or business card, you knew where to go. If you needed to prepare a t-shirt for a special event, he was the man for the job. So, to make a long story short, Doodlekit not only offers you cheap web design, but artistic and visually pleasing web design. To say that an artist helped construct the easel we call our template wizard is a proper statement. Not only this, we’d like to think the brushes we put in your hands are the easy to use editors, fill in the blank forms, and click to upload buttons we make available to you via your Doodlekit. Another way to see it is to think of your template wizard as being a very classy paint by numbers canvass. You have a whole book of rustic scenes from which to choose. We just help you (through or GUI, editors, and tools) stay in the lines while you create your masterpiece. We make you the artist. When you are finished, no one will be able to see the numbers beneath your paint. We may offer cheap web design, but it will be your classic art in the end.

A cheap web builder with expensive looking website features:

Make a website shopping cart by yourself. Doodlekit offers you the tools you need to sell your goods and services from your own website. You don’t have to do any programming. It just takes a few simple steps. First, you sign up for a PayPal account, and then you use your Doodlekit to make your shopping cart. It is as easy as that. If you are selling a product, you need only take a picture of it, email it to yourself, download it to your computer, log into your Doodlekit account, and upload the photo into your selected shopping cart slot. Then you write a description of the product, upload the text, price it, select your choice of ‘buy now’ buttons, and you are ready to go. This is an oversimplified version of what you have to do to create your own web shopping cart. There is a little bit of cutting and pasting, and careful choosing from drop down menus, but there is nothing too complicated to learn with a little bit of elbow grease. Plus, if you are ever stuck at any point, you’ll be delighted to know that we likely have a walkthrough posted in our web building forums. Either one of our own Doodlekit gurus or one of our customers or friends has already posted the answer you need. More than likely, you’ll find that the only reason you got stuck was because you were assuming what you were trying to do was more complicated than it really was, that you were just being too smart for your own good! As a side note, isn’t it amazing that technology has advanced to the point where we can open our own businesses on the Internet and make money through our own shopping carts? The money goes right into our accounts when a sale is made, before we, or a third party provider packs and ships the merchandise. And if you are a service provider, the opportunity is absolutely golden. If you only provide a service after you are paid online, you have solved 99% of your collection problems forever.

Put all your social media buttons in one place. That’s right, Doodlekit has a lot of bells and whistles, offering you all sorts of amazing tools and editors, template wizards and color pallets for building your website, or making changes to it. But we also make managing your social media from a single web page simple. If you have a Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social media accounts, we offer you easy, plug and play, click, fill in the blank, cut and paste tools for simply putting it all in one place. Imagine just going to your website alone, and managing it all from one spot. We give you the capability to post a blog on your Doodlekit website, and as soon as you hit ‘save’ you have also posted to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, with a single click. In some cases you have to make adjustments to your social media account options to make everything happen with a single click, but as we always say, a little elbow grease and you’ll get there. One of the assets we offer you, as discussed above, is a very detailed set of forums and blogs at Not everything is easy, but we likely have the walkthroughs you need to get 100% Doodlekit-Social Media Connectivity going.

Maximizing your business success through a do it yourself, economical and commercial website

Just because you are a small local business, or a business startup with limited funds or tight margins in a competitive environment, doesn't mean you need to settle for less. You are savvy at running your operations, down to saving money by using an inexpensive website builder that you, yourself, manage. It is all you, top to bottom, from the nuts and bolts. Your commercial website is truly hands on, as you do all the typing and even personally take all the pictures that end up on your site. And just because you are small, or just getting started, and funds are tight, or just because you do it all yourself either out of pride or necessity, does not mean your business practices cannot be top notch in every facet. You already know your website can be top notch, in look, feel, and functionality, because we have provided you what we have called the Rolls Royce of website building tools at a great monthly price. Doodlekit gives you what you need to be as good as just about any web designer or web master out there. Nevertheless, here we would like to make a few points that are only tangential to the maintenance or functionality of your commercial website. In other words, herein we are offering you a few tips not directly related to cheap website building, but rather suggestions for running your website-centric business with an aim towards achieving the best results, a.k.a. SALES.

Prepare and post good content about what you sell to drive traffic to your low cost website

You are a Doodlekit customer because we give you a cheap website builder with all the bells and whistles, and your website looks great because you have what it takes to do it all yourself with the result that your website matches or exceeds the quality of your competitors' websites. But this alone is not enough in the tough business climate out there. You need traffic. You need people to visit your site in droves! Without traffic, you don't make any sales. If your prospective customers never find you in the first place, it is axiomatic to assume they will never be buying anything through your shopping cart. We already know you are on a limited budget and that you are a smart shopper, so how do you increase your traffic?

You've heard a million times that SEO ("Search Engine Optimization") is the way to go for culling traffic which leads to sales. Without paying for SEO, the art of it is the production of content and publishing it on your website, so that the search results of your prospective customers leads them right to your doorstep. The definition is complex enough, let alone the art of actually properly building and weaving the net which captures the people wanting to find and buy the goods or services you are selling. Nevertheless, the good news is that SEO is becoming more and more ideal. The technology used by search engine companies is always improving, so more and more, worthwhile, informative, and helpful content is being given the weight it deserves. This means that truly good products and services are becoming easier to find. Internet shopping is becoming more and more reliable. So, in short, just produce lots of good content about what you sell. Write a lot of good, quality stuff about what you know best. You know your products and services inside out. Write all about what you are in the business of providing in clear, concise, easy to understand language. If you are selling a "widget A," put its name in the title of the page or blog in which it is premiering. Take an actual picture of widget A from your inventory, and talk all about it in written words. Become an expert on writing good content for the Internet. Search the web for informative articles on Search Engine Optimization, or "SEO," and study the subject of how to write good articles about your specific services or products. You will quickly learn that using things like properly descriptive key words, imbedding images with right descriptions, and naming your blogs and pages with perfectly stated titles can be invaluable to maximizing the shoppers visiting your website and ultimately making purchases.

Cheap website builder, yes! Not to mention the free sales and marketing via the social media angle

One thing is for sure. Social media platforms, like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter can be game changers for a small business or even for a hobby blog. This is one of the many reasons Doodlekit offers you the tools to integrate all of your social media into your website. So, how do you drive traffic to your website which leads to sales? We have an idea to share with you that we've seen work on multiple occasions. Write a great article about a favorite customer you know is always using Facebook. Post it on your website. Maybe he is also a small business as you are. Expound on all the things that make his products or services great quality buys. You know what he will do as soon as he reads your praises? He will send a link to the article you wrote about him to everyone in his social media circle. Some or many of the people directed to your site may become your customers. At the worst, many more people will become aware of your website and your business, and they will remember you when what you offer is needed. And as we've been emphasizing, the cost of doing this, of exposing many new people to your website is nothing in dollars. It is all your sweat. This way you not only have the savings of using a cheap website builder, but you get free marketing and advertising as well. And isn't it also good karma? With such a marketing plan, your sales could skyrocket simply because you spent time writing good things about other people. Oh, and don't forget to take pictures of whomever you are premiering. That can really butter them up!

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