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Conference Website Design

If you are in the business of hosting conferences or events, a do-it-yourself website builder that you can quickly update and manage is a must. You can't program, or you don't have enough time to write code all day, so your conference website must have an easy to use point and click interface. You just want to write and edit text, place it where you want it, and hit a 'Save' button. Placing images, videos, and especially slideshows, needs to be just as easy. Your event site sometimes needs a dozen immediate changes in a day. You have to be able to make each them in minutes. You can't afford the high cost and delays of retaining a web developer. Doodlekit is your one-stop answer. Tryout our Free website plan and see for yourself!

conference website design

Event Content Management

Perhaps your event hosting business needs more than just an average website with great text and image editors? Your conference website builder also needs to help you perform a lot of complicated functions all by yourself. You need to set up event registration online, including the ability to charge customer credit cards, and then send confirmations. Event enrollees need to be able to contact you through your event website with questions. You want to put up paid banner ads. Your vendors, hotels, restaurants, and conference centers pay you for advertising. Return customers are a must. You need to be able to collect names, phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses, so you can send newsletters, offer discounts, coupons and bundled packages. Doodlekit does all of this.

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Conference Website Template

Your event website needs a website builder that offers more than all the technical functionality in the world. Easy to use web developing tools that give you all the online bells and whistles are great. The problem is your website also has to look great! No one will register online with you, let alone pay you to host their events, if your conference website does not look professional and high class. Your business is all about presentation. You are paid to put on impressive events. Doodlekit's template wizard gives you what you need to make your site a work of art! We are not just programmers. An experienced artist substantially contributed to giving you all the color, text, and page formatting options our template wizard offers. Just take a look at our examples, or try our Free website plan, or both.

Conference websites need a web builder toolset that helps them show off online!

Hosting or planning a conference or event is all about putting on a show. This means you have to show off what you do on your event website! Why are conference websites so important? Simple. Because most, if not all, of your prospective customers and clients will go to your website and look at it before they call you or email you with any questions, let alone place any orders or register with you. Your prospective clients will judge the quality of your boots on the ground work by how classy of a presentation your site offers. Your prospective clients will certainly visit your site and judge your business by its appearance if you plan to make an event registration website portal available to them. We know we keep restating the point, but you also know that you just simply have to look great if you plan to sell to prospective clients. It does not matter whether they will be registering with you and making payments online for your event and conference hosting or consulting. Even should you desire to calendar your clients and collect payment the old fashioned way, they are still going to go to your website to see exactly what kind of work you do, which will be to assume your work on your website represents everything you do, down to folding napkins just right. Besides, even if it is possible to sell your services by printing elaborate color brochures and marketing materials, just think how much money you could save if everything but your business card was published online. And all you have to do is build a website using us to do it! For no extra cost, our event website design editors, tools and templates allow you to publish every image and every word you have in any of your old sales and marketing materials. In fact, we offer you the ability to upload the digital versions of all your paper pamphlets, brochures, mini magazines and news articles. Long story short, Doodlekit gives you everything you need to both show off what you do in classy images and text, slideshows, videos, as well as make all the materials you used to print, mail and distribute directly available to your clients so they may download and print them should they desire their own paper copies.

You can't go wrong by turning your header image into a slideshow

We believe that if there was a such thing as a default conference website template, or a default event website template for that matter, the crux of it would include one thing: a large, built-in, header image slideshow application. To populate this slideshow, all you'd have to do is upload the best professional photos of the events and conferences you have prepared, planned, hosted, or consulted. After all, this is what conference websites are in the business of selling, right? So show your success in pictures! This is how you can showcase your best work, thereby funneling lots of paying clients right into your event registration website portal. Doodlekit offers you all of the above. If you have any doubts, we offer you the chance to just sign up for a free event website. There are no strings attached. We don't ask for any billing information. You can indeed cancel at any time. Caveat, we don't really offer a web builder titled "Conference Builder," or "Event Builder." We offer something even better and broader. We offer a "Custom Builder." In other words, our web construction tools, editors, and template wizard really offer our users so much artistic and creative breadth, we believe we truly can call ourselves just about anything under the sun. With us, you can make your website anything you want it to be, regardless of whether you have personal or business purposes in mind, whether your site is to be a commercial event site, a political blog, or just a very awesome place to share your baby pictures with friends and family. So you see, our Custom Builder is your Conference Builder.

Ok, back to the point we were making, that we believe one of the best conference website design focuses is to turn your main header into a slideshow of your work. To argue this point, first put yourself in your prospective client's shoes. As a business or individual needing to put on a conference or an event, and you don't know where or how to get started, what do you do? Whether you know a conference or event consultant or organizer, the first thing you do is go to their website either by typing in the domain name, or searching the name you know, or doing a general search, right? Then what happens? You click on either the link you are after, or you click on one of the top links appearing in response to your search. And then what happens? You make a judgment call about the individual or business you are seeking solely on the impression you get in the first few seconds. It will be a favorable or unfavorable impression, and it will be made by pictures, not words. A picture is worth a thousand words? Where are the pictures? They are likely in or around the header, as presented on the website you have just visited. The appearance of the header images alone make the first impression and it is powerful. This is of course if the site you are visiting has an image driven main header. If not, the conference website design, the font and text, the color scheme, will all determine whether you will scroll down to read any text, let alone look for any contact information. And in some cases, if you don't see any pictures at all upon your arrival, you might be turned off and go looking for another event provider. If you don't believe us, type "conference and event hosting" in your browser and check the top twenty links. Which actual hosting and event services appeal to you? Most if not most of them with appeal contain attractive presentations of images in or around their headers, right? When we conducted this search, the only sites which came to the top for us which didn't have an immediate and strong visual presentations were either non-commercial sites, or those which obviously paid to be at the top of the indexed results. We assume that because you are considering using Doodlekit, you are not likely to be spending a lot on sales and marketing campaigns. We are a great full turnkey solution that helps you be as good as any expensive professional solutions out there, but the bottom line is though our product does not appear cheap to prospective customers' eyes, our monthly web building and hosting plans are very cheap for your wallets.

What should be the theme of your conference or event website?

We have already established that we are a full turnkey do it yourself web building and hosting solution for your event or conference consulting or hosting business. Our tools are affordable and top of the line, offering you everything from awesome header image slideshow capability, to a template wizard that helps you format the structure of your pages down to how big the text boxes are to be and their placement, to the font color, style, and color. You can even but up great background wallpaper. And of course you can build a shopping cart, create online forms for everything from signups to RFQs, to providing a means for your clients being added to the list of monthly newsletter recipients. However, with all the tools at your fingertips, even should you build a site that looks immaculate, never forget your theme. In the interest of being cryptic, anecdotal, but instructive, first meditate on the premise that, "If you chase two rabbits you lose both," as the old Comanche saying goes. This means, especially if you are a small business, you can't be all things to all people. In other words, you need to focus on your core competencies when constructing the theme of your conference or event website. E.g. if you are an expert in planning and hosting or consulting weddings, and wedding events are 90% of your revenue, then seriously consider devoting all of your energy to making your website a wedding event website. We probably want to see lots of happy brides, big white cakes, handsome grooms in dark tuxedos, newly pronounced husbands and wives kissing, and the throwing of the bouquet! Your prospective clients may be seeking a wedding planner, not an event consultant. See what we are saying? If you try to capture every prospective client looking for someone to help them plan a big event, you might not snare even a single lead. There is a lot of competition for just about everything on the Internet, so focusing on a more specific product or service offering, especially if you are doing so in a local geography, is more likely to lead to your being discovered. In other words, if your site is titled "Little City Wedding Planner," and you live in Little City, you are more likely to be found by people looking for wedding planning in your little city than if your site is called "Worldwide Convention Planning, All Events."

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