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Website Design For Daycares

Daycare websites must do at least three very important things. First, in only a glance, they must capture web traffic and show your daycare center is an ideal place for children to learn and grow. Second, they must give parents and guardians the information they need from enrolling their children, to class schedules and hours, to rates and fees, and rules of the center. Third, daycare websites need to provide parents and guardians everything they need to communicate with you and their children effectively and immediately. For these reasons, we recommend the header image of your daycare website show happy children at play or engaged in learning activities, with immediately visible links to schedules, rules, and contact information.

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Childcare Website Toolbox

Your daycare website needs to be easy for you to update and modify. Schedules change, as does the curriculum. The seasons and holidays come and go, as do the class trips, events and even fund raisers. Because things are always changing at your care center, and the children’s parents and caregivers need to be constantly kept up to date, your website needs to offer you the flexibility you need to post notices, publish pictures and videos, upload a litany of forms, and even sell supplies or uniforms. This is why Doodlekit is an amazing solution for allowing you to manage your own daycare website without having any prior website building experience. Doodlekit makes it easy, and you can sign up and give us a try for free.

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Templates For Daycare Websites

Your daycare center has an image which needs to be reflected in your website for all visitors to see. You have a distinct color scheme, a logo, a theme, and need to be recognized by your unique childcare brand. This is why Doodlekit’s template wizard is the ideal website management tool for you. Without any prior experience designing or building websites, you can create the look and feel of your day care center from scratch. If you sign up for a free trial, with no catches or gimmicks attached, you’ll quickly discover how easy it is to learn how to use our point and click interface. You can make a custom designed template with the exact colors and placements you envision for your daycare center website.

Daycare websites must be easy for you, the caregiver, to manage and update

Most daycare centers are small businesses or sole proprietors and don’t possess the resources or employee headcounts to maintain much of any administrative staff. Just doing payroll, managing employee schedules, making sure your license is up to date, and that all rules and regulations are followed is more than enough. Not to mention the volumes of paperwork! Everyone’s chief focus is on providing quality childcare. You don’t need more work burden that isn’t focused on the kids. This is why Doodlekit is the ideal daycare website solution for your business needs. We understand that not maintaining a website is not an option, and paying an expensive professional web designer is just not in your budget. We know that more than likely, you have to do all the work on your daycare website, from top to bottom, from original design concept, to the construction of every page, and then there is the everyday maintenance. On top of it all, you need the best daycare website design tools available. And it doesn’t end here.

Perhaps the most important thing is that your website building software needs to be simple to learn, use and understand. Managing your website can’t be time consuming. You just don’t have the time with your busy schedule. You also need everything else in your website package. You need hosting and a way to pick out a domain name that everyone identifies with your child care center. Is having everything you know you need in one place and manageable even possible? YES. With respect to offering you the best tools available for constructing daycare websites, hosting them, and managing them, our answer is a resounding yes. Just sign up and take Doodlekit for a test drive, for free. There are free builders out there, and we think you’ll quickly discover ours is the best. Our basic free version gives you all you need to create a very attractive and unique home page via our daycare website templates wizard, including blogging with comment capability. You’ll be able to post your contact information, your schedule, as well as rates. It will be easy to provide general information about your care center, as well as publish customer recommendations and referrals. In a jiffy, you’ll discover we make daycare website design not only fun, but easy. In a few hours we believe you’ll be on your way to being your very own web master.

Daycare website ideas to consider:

The first and best idea for building your daycare website is to do your market research. This means that before you do anything toward even selecting your domain name or typing up the first draft of what you want to say on your Home Page, you must first search the Internet for daycare websites and bookmark at least a dozen of them. Look for daycare websites you already know are out there. Find new ones. Study each site. What do they all have in common? What is most compelling about their header images? What content do they include? What kinds of pictures and videos are shown? What looks good and what does not? If you were a parent or guardian looking for a place to provide day care for your children, which sites appeal to you most, and why? Take notes!

The next idea is to just jump straight into your daycare website design! You often get your best ideas by just getting started and trying to see what works, what looks good, and what does not. Besides, you will have a bit of a learning curve. Not even the most experienced web designers can produce perfect daycare website templates with their first, or even second, or even third attempts. Practice does make perfect, and the good news is that Doodlekit hosted websites are extremely easy to change, fix, supplement, or reduce in content. You can’t make a permanent mistake. In fact, our template wizard is so versatile you can endlessly change how your content, images, videos, text boxes, margins, page text, blogs, and forums are placed, and nothing gets erased, overwritten, or jumbled. In other words, when you make template changes, even drastic ones, you never lose any content! Along these lines of just getting started, it is probably a good idea to just work with a free subdomain until you are ready to jump in and get started on your website’s first version, which we hope will be supported by your purchase of an affordable full business plan with all the whistles and bells. This gets us to our third point, selecting a domain name for your daycare center.

Third, your daycare center domain name is a vital piece of your business intellectual property. This is just a fancy way of saying a business with a great name usually does better than one with a confusing or unrecognizable name. Parents and custodians need to recognize your business when they see or hear its name. If they can’t easily tell others about your center by name, how can anyone find you through referral? For example, if you are the only A+ Day Care Center in town, people can find you just by remembering “A+.” If you have the domain name reflecting the name of your business, local searches should be able to find you in a jiffy, especially once your web site contains a lot of content where your name is frequently used, and your site has been live long enough for it to be read and indexed by the search engines. Here there are two issues. First is if you don’t yet have a name for your daycare center, which often means you haven’t yet filed for your business name with your state’s corporation commission, secretary of state, or applied for a business license with your municipality, you may wish to consider naming your business based on the best domain name you can find is available. As we said before, a domain name is valuable intellectual property, and your future enrollments may be substantially affected by when and how you appear on the web when prospective customers, the working parents and guardians, are searching for local day care providers. Take for example, the following hypothetical. 

How the name of your daycare website might help generate new enrollments

Imagine you live in Little Town and have just rented space and have just purchased all the furnishings, equipment and supplies for your day care center. The state has just reviewed and approved your provision of professional day care to up to thirty preschoolers. Your license has just arrived in the mail. You are insured and bonded and ready to go, and are so far working under the name on your license alone. You have not yet chosen a doing business as (“d.b.a.”) name for your business, but you need to do so soon. Do you pick a name for your day care center at random, make it your d.b.a. and get a sign designer and installer out next week, or do you start with first considering naming your day care web site, and then naming your day care center accordingly? There is a strong argument to be made that you may wish to consider naming your business based on your domain name choice, or the choices available. There is precedent for doing such a thing, especially among technology companies. Why? The Internet really is your radio, television, newspaper, and yellow pages all rolled into one these days. And don’t worry. As a side note, searching for and picking the domain name you’ll be using is made easy via the sign up process with Doodlekit. It is all part of the complete day care web design and hosting package we offer.

You may be skeptical at our premise that naming your day care center based on available relevant domain names is a little bit out there, but think of this: what if in our hypothetical example are able to make your very own domain name? It may make it worth it to make your d.b.a. “Little Town Day Care,” essentially naming your business based on the best name you were able to procure for your web site. Imagine you are a parent with young children and are new to Little Town. You need a day care solution because both you and your wife work. What is the first thing you do? You don’t go to the yellow pages, do you? Instead, you speak into your smart phone. You say, “day care,” or “Little Town day care.” Assume that during such a prospective day care enrollee web search, you’ve already built your web site and have been live for several months. You have listed your site with all the relevant Internet directories. Which day care centers in Little Town will appear at the top of the search results? The answer to this question proves our point. Your properly chosen domain name for your day care center will equal good intellectual property real estate. It will mean good business, higher enrollments, and of course greater growth trends and success. Not only this. Having a recognized and sensible web site name also makes it easier for parents and custodians to find your contact information during an emergency. You are easy to remember, find, and communicate with, which is good for ongoing business.

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