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If you are in the fitness business, whether you own a gym, you have written a diet book, or you make a living as a personal trainer, nutritionist, strength coach, Pilates, aerobics, cycling, or yoga instructor, you need a website. You aren't a programmer, but you are a fitness guru, so you need a great do-it-yourself fitness website builder that only requires typing, pointing and clicking, and image and video uploading. Fitness website design needs to be easy, and what you create must look very professional. Blogging and creating and administering forums must be a cinch. A slideshow header of your clients' before and after success is a must. You need all the building and design tools in one place, as well as hosting and the ability to obtain a domain name. Doodlekit is your fitness website turnkey solution.

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Fitness Website Templates

In the fitness business, presentation is everything. A successful client looks good. You are in the business of selling visible results, like chiseled abs, biceps, or even low heart rates and blood pressures. Your web site must look as great as your clients do, else prospective clients will not sign up for the gym memberships or fitness instruction you offer. Fitness website templates need to be easy to construct, images of your toned clients and top notch exercise facility must be visibly presented, classy, and convincing. You need to be able to create a number of fitness web pages for everything from class schedules and trainer biographies. You may even need to build a shopping cart for selling merchandise like t-shirts, exercise gear and equipment. Look no further than Doodlekit.

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We Offer Free Gym Websites

If you are still not sold on Doodlekit as your gym or fitness website provider and host, we even offer you a form builder, which allows you to collect whatever information you need from your clients or prospective clients. For example, you could create a fitness goals website form prospective clients could fill out and send to you so that you might respond with exercise and diet recommendations, or training routine proposals. If this is not enough, and seeing is believing, we offer you a free plan so you can test our web builder for yourself. In fact, this free plan may be all you need, granted you have to pay a low price for the more advanced bells and whistles. The free plan does give you the ability to create a fitness slideshow and make it your header, and it gives you all the template wizard tools for creating your free fitness website templates.

The personal trainer website template design

Your fitness templates need to be designed and typeset to maximize sales. This means that when your prospective clients visit your site, they need to be sold on the results you offer. You don't want to give them several thousand words to read which detail all the sweat, agony, and self denial they will be facing in your hands. That is probably the part you don't need to emphasize. Your prospective clients want to see results, and nothing shows ripped abs, bulging biceps, and glowing health better than pictures. So here we will emphasize two areas: your header image and your blog/page content.

Your personal trainer website may live or die based on your header image. Said another way, or rather proposed via a question, if you were a prospective client looking to get in shape, and you felt you needed a personal trainer, what is the first thing you'd expect of any personal trainer websites you visited? We believe you'd want to either see a great picture of the personal trainer himself, his clients, or both. This goes back to the concept that image is everything, and your clients are essentially buying a body image from you. So, great bodies are what you need to show them. You have to show what you are selling. In other words, in pictures on your web site, you are showing your prospective clients what they can pay you to become through your personal training. Doodlekit makes this endeavor easy.

Because your header is the first thing your visitors will see, here is where you need to showcase what you are selling them, pictures of you, your clients, or both. And you need to do a great job. If people don't like their first impression of a website, they may only stay for a few seconds, after doing no more than glancing at the header image and maybe reading the site title, or trying to recognize any presented logo. Whatever picture or pictures you decide to upload into your header, you can choose either a static image or several images, which become a moving slideshow. Perhaps you want to show before and after pictures of the clients you are training or have trained, or pictures of yourself, or pictures of you training your clients. The good news is that our header image tools make it easy for you to try a variety of things until your static or dynamic header image is exactly as you want it. This is one of the first steps toward a complete fitness website design build, but it is a major step.

The blogs and web pages you create may also need to be image-driven, should we stick for now to the idea that you must "show" the results you are selling. So, it may not be a bad idea for your fitness website templates to contain image placeholders for your blogs or the pages your create. Take for instance the blogs you create. Perhaps you wish to blog about your clients' success. Here it may be a good idea to place your before and after pictures of the fitness success stories you've helped come true at the top of each blog. A "Before" picture at the top left, and an "After" at the top right. Then beneath these images you could include the text which details the transition which took place, what the challenges were, as well as the highlights. Below your commentary you could allow comments from visitors, including each client's family members and friends. Really the sky is the limit. Doodlekit makes your fitness website design fun and easy, whether you are blogging, designing pages, or even constructing a shopping cart.

As a side note, while on the subject of the importance of fitness web design being image driven, this also applies to gym websites. As with a personal trainer, you may wish to put either a static image or several moving album images in your header, which Doodlekit makes easy. Instead of premiering a personal trainer, you may be premiering a gym. Remember, it is about showing what you are selling, and in your case it is a membership to your facility. Show pictures of your equipment, your sauna, your pool. Show pictures of your clients. Your fit, happy clients sell your memberships. Prospective enrollments want to see what they might look like if they join your facility. Also, should your gym profit from offering personal training, Doodlekit gives you the option of creating a new fitness web page for each of your trainers. On each page, you can present a picture of each of your trainers and their biographies, so that gym clients can pick the right instructor based on exercise preferences. And don't forget that if you select a Doodlekit Business Plan, anyone can create gym websites with shopping carts where everything from memberships to personal training, to equipment and nutritional supplements can be sold.

Free fitness website with free fitness website templates!

Ok, what is the catch? Do we really get the option to make a website for free? We really can just sign up, no gimmicks or traps, no automatic credit card billings, or any of that? You really just send us a confirming email after we give you our chosen website and subdomain name, email addresses and passwords, and we are immediately doing our own fitness website design? What is the catch? Do you sell our information or something?


We never ask for your financial information when you sign up for a free site. We never sell your personal information or use it in any way other than to confirm your identity or to communicate with you regarding your web builder or hosting. If you do select a paid plan, we do take your credit card information, but only via a secure third party merchant service. Here, your only financial commitment to us is a monthly payment and you can cancel at any time. At any one time, you are never bound to more than a monthly payment, and we use no tricks or legalese to trap you into any recurring charges.

So, to answer the question, what is the catch, our only answer is that we are so proud of our web builder, template wizard, and all of our other tools, like our editors and image uploaders, that we believe that by offering you a free site, you will be so impressed that if you do need some of the bells and whistles included in our paid plans, you'll be delighted to pay our low monthly fee for them. In fact, time and time again, we have challenged skeptical individuals to try our free plan, and next thing you knew, they were insisting on buying a Business Plan or more. As we've been saying, especially in the fitness business, seeing is believing. As you need to impress your clients with the visual quality of what you sell, we have to impress you with how easy it is to build a fitness website by using our tools, and doing so by not writing a single line of code.

The personal trainer or gym website and social media

Let's face it. Going to the gym, getting fit in a group exercise class, or even being self image focused are all very socially involved and socially conscious activities. So, we believe that any fitness website, be it personal training or exercise facility focused, must be tapped into social media. This is why Doodlekit, even with its free plan, offers you a way to easily integrate all of your social media accounts into your Doodlekit fitness website. Just imagine the free advertising via Facebook should just one of your new enrollments or clients be a social media butterfly. They might tell 1000 of their friends all about you in a single tweet. Long story short, a lot of your fitness business and enrollments come through referrals. To tap in to this you can include your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ on your website. This way, you can blog a single article and it publishes on all of these accounts, perhaps to thousands of eyes, with a single click on the "Save" button in your Doodlekit blog editor.

In line with the free sales and marketing social media offers you, let's not forget the weekly or periodical fitness newsletter. Via the right Doodlekit Plan, you are given the tools (Business or Advanced) to collect user registration information, as well as their consent to send them newsletters. This way you can create a growing customer list by which you can offer special discounts, coupons, or referral incentives. And this does not even begin to address your ability to place or sell ads on your fitness website, through our Business or Advanced Plans, which could result in secondary revenue to you should your web traffic reach the right levels. It all depends on how much revenue you wish to generate, and how aggressively you desire to pursue sales through website and social media channels. Doodlekit can grow with your enrollments and client list. You can start with a free plan, and as you increase earnings, include more and more of our reasonably priced features.

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