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Build Hair Salon Websites Easily

Making hair salon websites with Doodlekit is simple. We provide you with all of the tools you need to create and host your own custom salon website on our servers. Use our header tools to upload different pictures of hair styles. Create a slideshow of different hair cuts. Add design effects to your banner or logo images. Pick how you want your content, galleries and photos arranged by choosing a page layout that works best for you.

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Create Your Own Salon Website Design

Design your own hair salon website using our advanced design tools. With Doodlekit you can choose different textures and background patterns that best reflect what you think a salon website should look like. You can change page and section colors to match the look and feel of your already exiting logos and color schemes, or pick colors that best match your establishment or place of business.

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Make Salon Website Templates

Use Doodlekit's online template builder to make your own salon website templates. Share your templates with others or import other peoples templates. Use our template wizard to make your own unique custom template from scratch with just a few click. Pick your page styles, layouts, and colors and Doodlekit will instantly create you a new template. You can make your own changes to it after that or retry the wizard again. Template building for your salon has unlimited options.

Building Hair Salon Websites

If you are the owner or manager of a hair salon and your business is not a franchise, you are likely tasked with building or maintaining your own website. For our purposes herein, we will assume you are building a hair salon website from scratch. You don't have one yet because your business is either a startup, or you just haven't gotten around to putting up a website yet. The reason we assume we are omitting franchises is because in most cases your franchisor has already set up salon website templates you are required to use as part of your franchise agreement. However, if this is not the case, then this article is pertinent to you. Caveat you may have to have your franchisor's approval of any salon website design before you go live with it. So please read your franchise agreement before doing anything online.

So, with this said, let's proceed. How do you go about building hair salon websites?

1. A Facebook page isn't a hair salon website. You need a real website.

You must be engaged in social media today. Your customers live and breathe it. Just look around the the lobby area of your salon when your clientele are waiting to be styled or cut. In the old days they used to read the latest articles in fashion magazines, but now they are on their iPhones. They are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like. So yes, you need to be on Facebook, but you also need to have a website your customers can "Like" on Facebook. The reason why is that many referrals come through social media these days. Word of mouth leads are on the decline. Now your hair salon website is a must, just as tangible business cards have been in the past. To lack a salon website today is like having no business cards to offer your customers so they can pass them around to their friends. To emphasize, your customers are Facebook users, plugged into their iPhones at all times. If you don't have a site, you have no equivalent of an Internet business card for your customers to send to your friends. They need to be able to click on social media buttons which lead to a place where you exist on the Internet, else you may miss out on a lot of potential referral business. To not have a website is like not existing in the minds of many people today. Especially younger people will tend to think that no real hair salon would be without a website. In fact, in today's world, a lot of new business are naming themselves based on the limited number of domain names available.

This gets to the next point, when your are "Liked" on social media, your potential new clients will click to your website. This is where first impressions count. Your hair salon website needs to look great. It needs to exude the quality of the styling and professional hair products you offer. Use a website maker like Doodlekit and get your website on the web as soon as possible.

2. Pick a good domain name for your beauty salon.

A domain name says everything. It is one of the primary things that captures people looking for you on the Internet. For instance, if you had a domain name which included your city and the services you offer in it, you'd likely capture a lot of visits based on your domain name alone. For example, if you lived in fictitious city "ABC City" and you obtained the name, your name alone would probably capture new clients. However, we believe this is only a good approach if you provide cheaper to mid scale beauty styling services. If you are upscale, then such a generic catch all domain name simply doesn't look professional or elegant. In other words, if you have high paying clientele, they might go elsewhere should you put up a website with a domain name like "" Additionally, should you be more upper scale, you will more often than not be known by your business name, not the fact you cut hair in a given city. If you are known all around as Gina Louise, the most fabulous stylist in town, people will search for you by your name. In such a case, a domain name including your name, Gina Louise, within it, may be ideal.

3. Look for the best hair salon websites and study them.

First, make a list of all the salons you can think of that you know are doing good business. Which ones do you want to be like and which ones are making money? Which ones have the kinds of clients you wish to attract? Then start searching for salons on the web, using the kinds of key word searches you'd like to lead to your site. Using these methods, don't stop until you have at least a dozen competitors on your list. Then, without thinking about your website, study the websites on your list. What do you like about them? What do you dislike? What kinds of things do they have on their front page, or home page? What are their color schemes? Do they have client testimonials and how are they presented? Do any of them offer promotions or coupons for various styling services? Do they have shopping carts in which they sell hair products and paraphernalia? Once you know what works for hair salon websites you wish to emulate, you are ready to build your own.

4. Salon website templates are best when using a template wizard.

Most web building tools which come with your selected web hosting solution do not provide you with any ideal salon website templates. This is our opinion, but from what we've seen, whether you are a salon or other type of service business, your look and feel is too unique to fit into any standard cookie cutter template. You have a unique color scheme. You have images and graphics which need to be presented in a certain way. Your look and feel simply requires something special. This is why we believe that once you are ready to begin building your website, you need to shop for a provider that offers a template wizard. Web hosts that don't offer a wizard will only be able to offer you limited template choices for your site. You'll be required to fit your salon's look and feel into pre determined parameters. In other words, you want a wizard at your finger tips because the right wizard tools let you select your exact color scheme, how your pages are set up. What kind of text styles and sizes are used and where. Where your photo albums are displayed, and how your coupons and special offers are presented. In other words, your salon template is best created with a template wizard because you can build everything from scratch, just the way you want it.

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