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Does your homeowners association need a website? Our free website builder, Doodlekit, has everything needed for making HOA websites and more. Use the free plan to create your own free hoa website. Try before you buy. If you like it, upgrade. If not, nothing lost but a little of your time. We are confident you will find Doodlekit to meet all your homeowners association needs when it comes to hoa website design, building, and hosting.

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HOA website design is easy with Doodlekit. Pick a template from our vast collection of templates or make your own using our website template maker. All Doodlekit templates are customizable. You can create any hoa web design you want by altering one of our designs or creating a your own template from scratch. We even have a template wizard that will make a custom template for you after you select some basic design choices like colors, styles, and layouts.

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Homeowner association websites need tools. If you want to build a good website, you need things like forms for collecting neighborhood data and requests, forums for community collaboration, and security for web pages you want only visible to specific members. Doodlekit's website maker comes with all of these and more. Make sure your choice for HOA website builder comes with everything you need to make a functional website that properly serves your members.

Homeowner Association Websites

If you are responsible for building or maintaining homeowner association websites, always remember to include three things: the HOA by laws, calendar of events, and contact information for the officers and directors.

1. The HOA By Laws

Homeowners' associations are governed by by laws created either before the community was planned or built, or at some subsequent time via agreement of all of the subject residents. Essentially, the HOA by laws are the rules you must live by as a resident, and they can be anywhere from a single page to thousands of pages in length. These rules, or laws, cover everything from homeowner association fees, to standards on maintaining yards and the color schemes of homes, home add-ons, use of the community pool, how and where to park in the communal areas, how trash is to be stored prior to pickup, etc. The list of things covered by HOA rules and laws can go on, and on, and on. Even the election of HOA administrators, the election of board members and officers, and even the pay scale for the communal area gardener are often covered by the HOA by laws. So, you can see, any given homeowner's association is defined by its by written rules. They define everything and detail everything you and all of your neighbors must do as members of your community. This is why including the by laws of any HOA is a must for all HOA websites. Nothing is more important.

The by laws should be easy to access, found via a link on the front page, preferably on the top menu bar or on a side bar in clear view. And the by laws are most easily set forth on their own separate page in HTML code. Of course you do have the option of including them as a pdf document, but this will possibly limit your visitors ability to view them should they not have a pdf reader installed on their computer or mobile device. To make the by laws accessible by everyone, pasting them into a single dedicated page, as HTML text, is best practice.

The point is that in most cases, HOA website design should be simple and easy to navigate. Your community website has no need of being anything fancy or filled with pizzazz or animation. It is a place for residents to go so that they can be quickly and easily informed on the rules with which they are expected to live in accordance. Caveat, you should always be sure to peruse any HOA by laws before posting them, as there may be some provisions that are required to remain confidential, so that only HOA members are allowed to view them. If this is the case with respect to the text of some or all of the by laws, then your website should be set up with login access for members only. 

2. The HOA Calendar of Events

If homeowner association websites don't include the meetings and events, even having a dedicated website is moot. In many cases, the by laws, as we discussed above, regulate all of the expectations each community has of its members. However, in many cases, if members don't have an easy means for knowing when and where homeowner association meetings are held, they will possibly have the defense that they are not required to follow the HOA rules. After all, if they don't have notice of HOA elections, forums, meetings and activities, how can they be expected to be held to HOA rules, especially new ones promulgated during their time as residents?

This does get us to another point involving notice. We are in the modern age when mailing paper notices to everyone is simply time consuming and costly. Giving notice through electronic means is cheaper and more efficient. Cost considerations are especially important for most HOAs because it is in the interest of all members to keep monthly fees as low as possible. In fact, you are likely using public domain software and free HOA website hosting because there is no budget for Information Technology in the by laws. So, here is one more way you can save money: give notice to all HOA members through email. Get them all to consent, in writing, to receiving notice of all meetings, elections, and activities through email. This will save you the time and cost of preparing documents on paper and sending something tangible through the mail. Alongside this consideration, examine the bylaws to see how notice is currently required to be given to the association's members. If the by laws require paper notice, they may have to be amended to allow email notice. Discuss this matter at the next board or member meeting.

3. The HOA Officer or Director Contact Information

Homeowners Associations are managed, in most cases, by elected officials which represent the residents. They may represent the whole, or particular blocks of the given community. Their terms may be for as short a periods as six months, a year, or for perpetual durations. In any event, along with the idea that homeowner association websites should be a means for giving notice of their rules and meetings to their residents, they should also tell their residents who represent them and how to contact these officials. Officers and Directors should be available through both email links as well as telephone numbers and mailing addresses.

In conclusion, HOA websites are a means for keeping residents informed. They should include the by laws, the HOA calendar, and a means for contacting the HOA representatives. HOA websites aren't selling anything, so there is no reason to worry about making them too fancy. They need to be simple, easy to navigate, and informative. They need to usually be cost conscious, and can be a means for providing cheap notice through email. Such a site does not need to be costly to build or maintain. That's why when it comes to finding a free website creator with hosting solutions, Doodlekit is more than adequate for your needs and limited budget.

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