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We don’t care what anyone else thinks. Motherhood is not just the oldest profession, it is the hardest profession. It demands everything, 24-7. Taking care of newborn or young children pretty limits you from doing anything else, especially working a part-time job. You would like to do something else, just to stay in contact with the outside world and maybe to even make a little extra money.  We have an answer for you! You can start a free mommy blog! After all, you are an expert on babies and children now. Being a walking encyclopedia on how to judge an infant’s health just by the color and consistency of what comes out all the many pipes is just one of your many specialties! Not to mention how to deal with sleep deprivation…

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Mommy Blogging Tools

You agree with us. A mommy blog, or a website on motherhood, is a great idea. You are an expert on the subject, hands down. You could blog or write or talk about babies and how to take care of them all day. Plus, the fact we offer a free blog and website builder is quite the help. Nevertheless, you have a big problem. You don’t know enough about computers, the Internet, or the World Wide Web, or programming to build or maintain your own website or blog. Never fear! Doodlekit makes starting a mommy blog or website simple and easy. All you have to know is how to surf the Internet, type with two fingers, and point and click. We do the rest. We give you a free website builder and template wizard that even grade school children can use.

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Mommy Blog Templates

Ok, how, exactly, do I start my own mommy blog or website, and is it really a free website builder and host? What is the catch? There is no catch. Just sign up for a free website. Give us a name you want to go by and an email address we can use to confirm you are a real person. We take no financial information and you can cancel your free mommy website at any time. The best way for us to convince you our web builder and hosting can’t be beat and can be learned without ever having programmed anything is for you to try it for yourself. As soon as you click around and do a little typing into our editors, uploading of a few pictures, and pointing and clicking for your color scheme, you’ll be in agreement with us. Making a mommy blog is easy!

How to start a mommy blog?

1. Go to

2. Click on the green “Get Started Now” button

3. Follow the instructions, one step at a time!

It really is that easy to start your own mommy blog. In fact, because seeing and doing is believing, we are convinced that it is easier for you to see for yourself, by signing up for either a free site or your choice of one of our low cost sites, and getting straight to work. After filling out our sign up instructions and following a few simple directions, you will be right inside the inner workings of your website and blog. Just click the “ADMIN” link, and you’ll go straight to a page titled “Website Settings.” To make things as simple as possible, assuming you just want to go straight into a blog, and not create any special web pages, just give your website a name, set the Entry Page for “Blog,” using the drop down menu, and you are ready to exit by clicking “Home” at the top of the page on the left, and then you are taken straight to your blog to get to work. Here all you have to do is click the red button, “ADD NEW ENTRY,” a simple to use text editor pops up, and you are writing your very first mommy blog! When you are done writing, just hit “Save,” at the bottom, and you have published your very first article. Your mommy blogging is under way and you are official. This is a bare bones description of how easy it is to make a website or blog. You’ll learn the rest with a few hours of play, and we warn you that it may be very addicting! Having the power of your own website and blog in your hands, getting to say whatever is on your mind, to post pictures and videos, to engage in dialog with mothers all over the world, will simply be exhilarating! Just think of all the possibilities! You’ll have a chance to make your mommy blogging something that teaches other mothers great things about child rearing, as well as to learn things from other mothers out there that are reaching out in the same way.

As a side note, we didn’t mention creating your header image, which is an option for giving the visitors and readers of your mommy blogging writing campaign a picture of what your site is all about. As a brief tutorial, if you go bank to “Website Settings” in your ADMIN tools (see the discussion in the paragraph above), you’ll find a button to the right titled “Change Header Image.” Click on it and you’ll go straight to a page where you can choose to then click one of three buttons: “I Don’t Want A Header Image,” or “Upload Header,” or “Upload New Header.” Click “Upload Header” or “Upload New Header,” depending on whether you already have one or more headers uploaded into your file library. You will then be given the option to select any image you desire from your computer hard drive, or from your Doodlekit file library which is physically stored on one of our Doodlekit servers. Once found and uploaded, you then crop or rotate the selected image (essentially turn it into a real header image) so that it fits at the top of your mommy blog and gives you the look you desire to give your readers and visitors. As a further side note, if you want to go even deeper into making your header design changes or modifications, clicking “Advanced Design Tools” will take you to a header and website builder set of tools that are out of this world in functionality and power in terms of totally customizing your selected header! But we won’t spoil this aspect of what we offer here. We will let you explore and learn these options on your own. But nevertheless, these Advanced Design Tools do a lot more than help you make amazing headers – which is essentially to graphically design them all by yourself. They also allow you the power to create an incredible custom template, by using our template wizard. With a little learning and practice, this wizard will give your mommy website a professional look and feel that is distinctly your own. Done right and with a little sweat, dreams, and imagination, you just may become the go-to blog for anything and everything a mommy website can offer. And notwithstanding all our encouragement, don’t worry about messing anything up, no matter how deeply you delve into our web building platform. For instance, with respect to using your own digital photos, you can redo your work as much as you want. Nothing you do to change or alter your images changes the original image or photo located on your computer desktop or directories. Practice makes perfect! Have no fear! You can do it!

So starting a mommy blog is easy? I’ve started blogging. Now what’s next?

If you are like most of our mommy bloggers, you have proven we are right. With little effort and a lot of fun learning, you’ve proven that to start a mommy blog is a piece of cake. You’ve designed a great looking header from photos you’ve taken of your own child or children, our template wizard has given you the power to create an incredible color scheme, to use the text styles and fonts that give you exactly the look and feel you want, and your pages look totally professional. Your template is perfect, but it did take several hours to get it just right. On top of it all, you are writing great blogs. You’ve already done a few formula and diaper reviews, discussed how to deal with assessing a newborn’s flu-like symptoms, and even written a great article about finding the perfect pediatrician. You could even write your own article now on how to start a mommy blog from ground up! Nevertheless, you’ve now discovered the hard part isn’t creating your own blog. Doodlekit makes that easy. Blogging is easy, as well as creating a great site with all the right colors, photos and design elements.

The BIG PROBLEM is getting people to come to your site, to read your articles, and to comment on them. If a mommy blog is perfect and no one ever reads it…

How to get traffic to your mommy blog:

We like to take the organic approach to obtaining traffic. This means lots of good content and word of mouth will bring you your mommy blog readership. If you post a lot of incredible blogs and articles, with pictures and videos, and everything is properly labeled, the search engines will find you. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to be discovered, even a year or more. But if what you have to say is profound and authentic, we believe it is almost certain to take off. Great articles and lots of them bring traffic to your blog. Writing and posting every day is better than doing so once a week or once a month. Research your subjects, write well, and be very informative and unique. Blog, blog, and blog some more! We believe, and have seen enough proof, that the search engines will pick up the best articles posted to the web. Remember to always write your own content and to never cut and paste anything from anyone else. What you write must be uniquely yours and one of a kind. No plagiarism! Copycats get very poor search results these days.

Never forget the power of social media!

Doodlekit gives mommy bloggers (all of its bloggers actually) all the tools they need to connect all of their Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter friends to their websites. If you are a mommy blogger, you more than likely have a number of social media accounts and check them on your smart phone several times a day. If you don’t yet have any social media accounts, go get them right now. Sign up! At the minimum get on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Once you’ve done this, or you have already, Doodlekit makes it easy for you to put all of your social media buttons on your website. Then all you have to do is use our tools to make sure that anything you post on your site is immediately posted, via link or image, to all of your social media accounts. We make it easy for you to give all your friends notice of everything you post on your blog within seconds of hitting save! Can you see where we are going? If you have a lot of friends established, as soon as they see a link to your blog, they will visit. If you have your blog comments “ON,” we wager you are going to start getting some feedback on your site right away. If you don’t have a lot of friends, find them and join them to your social networks. Your goal is to use get all the free press you can through publishing your articles to as big a social network as you can establish among your genuine friends and acquaintances.

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