Free Websites For Non Profits

Free Websites For Non Profits

Doodlekit has partnered up with to provide free websites for non profits. If you qualify as a valid 501(c)(3) non profit you will receive a $14 a month voucher to use with your Doodlekit website when you sign up at That makes the Simple Plan completely free! If you upgrade, your voucher will apply to the upgraded plan. Business Plans will only be $15 a month and Advanced Plans only $35 a month.

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Non Profit Website Design

Creating a free non profit website can be complicated. With Doodelkit, non profit website design is simple. Header image cropping tools, multiple image slideshows, and overlaying plate designs make creating website banners and headers easy. Website layout tools provide you with sidebar and footer bar options. There are endless design options when it comes to creating a charity website for your organization.

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Free Non Profit Website Hosting

All valid non profit websites get free hosting through Doodlekit. This allows you to make website pages explaining who you are and how your charity works to better your community. You can post blog posts about the latest happenings and events with your NPO. Building custom forms to gather information for you non profit is a snap. Everything is hosted through our servers at no additional charge.

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Non Profit Templates

Doodlekit comes fully stocked with all the templates and non profit website design tools you need. You can pick any pre-made template from our library and use it as is, or you can can opt to modify and make changes to it. Everything from background colors and textures to fonts and layouts can be adjusted. You can also create your own non profit website templates from scratch or use our template wizard to help create your own custom charity website design.

Designing and Building a Free Non Profit Website

If you need a non profit website design for a charity organization, which in the United States means you've elected 501(c)(3) tax exempt status with the IRS, you are likely on a tight budget. Subsiding on charitable donations and fundraisers is tough at best. You know you can have the perfect website, but at the cost of the entire next quarter's budget! You need an alternative. A free non profit web design and build, with hosting included, would be ideal.

Doodlekit is your complete and free non profit website solution

No strings attached. Just sign up for our free website builder to get our simple plan, the ability to make pages, write and publish your own text, insert images, links, and much more. There is no cost. The only caveat is that if you don't signup first through for your non profit website design and hosting, advertising may appear on your site, but the ads should be relevant to and tastefully aligned with your content. Be sure to first go through so you can get the simple plan for free (without advertising). If you are dissatisfied, at any time, you can delete your entire website, including your subdomain. You own all your content and have complete control over it. In the name of caution, you can save your content in whatever format you desire as backup on a separate system. However, Doodlebit's servers have a protocol for backing up previous versions of your website and are quite reliable. The point is that you are in control of everything and maintain 100% ownership.

The toolset for your non profit website is easy to use - no coding required

Running a non profit agency is different than running a for profit business. A for profit business usually has a budget for paying programmers to do all the coding for their websites. You are likely tasked with not only building your website and managing its content, but fundraising and running daily operations as well. You don't have time to do any coding and HTML may be all Greek to you in any event. The 501(c)(3) application with the IRS was complicated enough! The great news is that Doodlekit offers non profit website templates of many shapes and sizes. Its programmers and designers intentionally created templates suitable for both commercial and non commercial use. You aren't stuck with the standard for profit look, but have hundreds of templates to choose from, which in many cases offer softer looking themes and formats, even earth and green colors. Themes and designs suitable for just about any fundraising or charitable need.

In fact, you don't even have to pick a template. You can build your own without typing a single key of code. The newest Doodlekit release offers an easy to use, point and click template builder (a template wizard) which gives you thousands and thousands of different design options. Come and take a look. If you sign up for a free website, you can play around with the template builder and see for yourself.

Once you have selected a template, or have built one using the template wizard, you are ready to start adding your content, which includes text, images, graphics, and even videos. No coding is required, though you do have the option of going into advanced settings should you desire to do a little programming. Otherwise, adding text is simple. Whether you include or alter your text via pages or a blog, you do it all, and upload it, through a very easy to use editor with all the bells and whistles. The editor is essentially an equivalent to, and as easy to use as any of the modern word processing programs and applications in use today. This includes email. In other words, if you can write and format your emails, you can use Doodlekit's editor without a problem. In the time it takes you to write an email and attach photos to it, you can create an entire page for your site.

With respect to your non profit website design, the inclusion of images and videos is all point and click, be it for inclusion into the template you have chosen, or in a specific page or blog entry. Essentially, if you know how to attach an image or video to an email, you can place an image in your website. In fact, the editor offers you a table feature that you can place in a blog or a web page. Point and click, and data entry tools are provided in which you align your table right or left or center, top or bottom. You can pick how many rows or columns you want to be in your table, as well as designate how wide or tall your table should be. Then you can point and click upload images into the table you have created. Hit 'save' and you are finished.

Doodlekit includes free non profit website hosting

There isn't a catch. By signing up for the free website, you aren't charged for the hosting. Some companies will give you free website building tools, templates, image libraries, and you name it, but what isn't free is the hosting. You have to pay for the bandwidth and for a place on a server. Building your non profit website costs you nothing, but making it go live and keeping it so will cost you a monthly fee. Doodlekit gives you web building tools, the needed bandwidth and a place for your website on its servers, all free of charge. Once you see how easy it is to build your own website, add content to it, manage photos and video, and change content, you will be hooked! You may want to upgrade because it will be worth it to pay for more features that aren't included with the Simple Plan, e.g. the shopping cart, the forums, form builder, etc.

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