restaurant web design

Restaurant Web Design

Image is everything for restaurants. When new customers are searching for a new place to take the family or a date to dinner, they need to lick their lips seconds after clicking on your restaurant’s website. The Internet can’t yet offer smells or tastes, so you have to sell your menu with a picture. You must put the most delicious image of your food right in front of the hungry eyes. This means you need to use a restaurant website builder that makes it easy for you to create a large header image of your best-selling dish for all to see. Not only this, your restaurant’s website needs to be flexible, so images can be changed without hassle. You may desire to premier a different signature dish on your site each day of the week.

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Restaurant Website Tools

Each dish on a restaurant’s website menu is worth a thousand words! This is why your restaurant website needs to show your customers lots of pictures of the delicious food you serve. Only if their eyes are tantalized with an image of what can be on a plate before them will they read your menu or pay you a first visit. This is why the best restaurant website builders make uploading and inserting pictures effortless, plug and play, point and click, or otherwise programming free. You cook for a living. You don’t write computer code or HTML. With Doodlekit’s tools at your fingertips, all you have to do is take a picture of your best dish, upload it to your restaurant’s website, and insert it into a page or blog with our point and click editor.

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Restaurant Web Templates

Your restaurant website needs a real template builder. We call ours a website template wizard. While it is true that your restaurant is not cookie-cutter like most available website builder template options out there, there is no reason to build your site’s look and feel from scratch. Doodlekit’s template wizard lets you decide exactly what your restaurant’s website will look like. It does not stick you with choosing from three to five static templates with less than a dozen color schemes. We let you build your site from soup to nuts, down to picking the size and style of your fonts, even selecting from thousands of color options for all your layout elements. Hundreds of background images, or wallpapers, are available.

A restaurant website builder must take orders online: reservations, delivery, or carry-out

Doodlekit gives you the works, the full course menu so to say, if you go with the full plan. With us you get a full service restaurant website you can build and maintain, all by yourself, without doing any programming. Our point and click interfaces, form builders, editors, template wizard, and the like make building a web site for your restaurant no more difficult than preparing a presentation or designing a flyer or sales and marketing brochure using any of the standard business software out there today. Doodlekit’s restaurant website builder gives you all the bells and whistles, the ability to fully design pages, write blogs, host forums, upload images of the items on your menu, post videos of your chefs at work, and even display your menu in HTML or .pdf format. But here we want to emphasize something very unique. Doodlekit offers you the power to take reservations, or carry-out, or delivery orders, online. This means that we give you the tools to build an online interface so simple yet powerful that your site web restaurant can take orders directly from customers via a fill in the blank and submit form. Their credit cards are charged through your site’s easy to navigate shopping cart, the money goes straight through PayPal or your merchant service and into your business account, and then you or your staff are instantaneously informed of the orders or reservations requests via email. You can make all of this possible without having any knowledge of website programming. Our tools make setting up something seemingly as complicated as an online restaurant ordering system quite simple. You can build your own restaurant online delivery or carry out order system all by yourself! You don’t need to hire a web designer, programmer, or web developer. Doodlekit is your restaurant online delivery turnkey solution!

An example of how using your restaurant website builder might work for online pizza delivery

An online order system for pizza delivery is easy to create via Doodlekit’s user friendly tools. In fact, whether putting such a system in place is easy or not, it is necessary, especially if you are in the pizza business. Most pizza restaurants are about delivery, and even the gourmet restaurants offer carry out. A website for restaurant is a must, and if you put pepperoni on your main dish, you are likely missing out on a lot of potential sales if you don’t have an online delivery portal. Yes, people still order pizzas on the phone, but web based orders are likely to be the bulk of pizza delivery orders in the near future, so your pizzeria must be prepared.

So, here is how you do it, in a nutshell. Once your restaurant web design passes muster, and your restaurant web templates are to die for, just as your food which keeps your customers coming, you are ready to build your online order portal.

First, you sign up for a PayPal account. Paypal will give you all the information you need about your account to plug in prices, including tax, and descriptions, into your Doodlekit’s shopping cart interface which is found in your website’s Administration Tools.

Second, you make a list of all the pizzas and extras you intend to deliver, along with the add-ons. Price everything.

Third, one by one, add a description of all of your menu items to your Doodlekit Shopping Cart, along with the prices for each and the prices for your add-ons.

Forth, make sure you list the right email address to receive pizza orders, and go live!

Fifth, be sure that during all open hours you have an employee keeping an eye on incoming email orders, and when they come in, make the ordered pizzas and deliver them!

Of course, this five step description of how to build an interface for selling pizzas online is simplified and does not get into the blow by blow detail. There is some learning required, via hands-on practice, and trial and error. But the point is that Doodlekit offers you tools you can learn to use without having to do any programming and without your having any programming background or formal training in the subject. Thousands of our customers have successfully built working shopping carts in just a day, and without ever having done any programming or coding. Building a restaurant shopping cart is more of a challenge than constructing a simple restaurant design, or using our wizard to create one of your restaurant web templates, but if you’ve ever used a word processing program to design a brochure, or made a digital presentation using presentation software like PowerPoint, building your own online pizza order interface is just as easy.

The social media angle to building a restaurant website

Newspapers, magazines, radio, television, mail fliers, and the like are becoming obsolete means of advertising your restaurant. A lot of people won’t even try a new restaurant these days if they can’t first go to that restaurant’s website to see what’s on the menu and what kind of ambiance it offers. In other words, if your restaurant isn’t on the web, to many prospective customers you don’t exist. To make matters worse, or better depending on how you view the matter, a lot of people won’t try a restaurant if they can’t find positive reviews of its food and service online. Just go to Google and search for restaurants which serve the kind of food that’s on your menu. After about two pages of research, you will likely find that many of the links you click on go to pages which index your searched restaurant types, and many will have written customer reviews. For example, you’ll see things like restaurants rank ordered by one to five stars, the ones receiving the highest ratings being sorted toward the top while the lower ranked are being placed at the bottom. Customers will say things like, “the service was great!” or “the waiter had dirty fingernails,” or “I’ll be back,” or “I’ll never go there again.” This isn’t only the case for restaurants. More and more, all businesses are being exposed to the public eye through visible consumer reviews that are found online through a few simple search terms. This is the way of social media. For better or for worse, people will be talking about your restaurant. In your case this is good news. You know your food and service are top notch, which is why this new state of being in the public eye is going to lead to more sales for your business. This is where Doodlekit comes in. We are more than just a restaurant website builder and website host. We are more than an easy to set up platform and turnkey solution for to go or carry out orders. We are also a portal for putting all your social media in one place and connecting it so it is all easy to manage.   

Doodlekit puts your restaurant’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ in one place

You have a restaurant to run. You make your money selling the delicious food on your menu, not sitting at your computer all day. You have to order and stock inventory, mop the floors, seat customers, cook, deliver, take phone calls, ring up customers, stuff doggie bags, go through audits, and the list goes on and on. You know that everyone is connected to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and whatever other social media rising stars are coming. In fact, your restaurant probably has one if not all of these social media accounts set up. The problem is managing a half dozen social media accounts. You just don’t have the time. Computers were supposed to make life easier, right? The good news is that Doodlekit’s tools make it easy for you to connect all of your social media accounts to your restaurant’s website so you don’t have to go to more than one place. You can set up your site so that Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ buttons are all set forth clearly in your side margins. You can make it so that if your customers “like” your restaurant or a particular menu item, with one click you are posted all over their social media networks. Additionally you can set your site up to automatically post anything you add or change to all of your social media accounts. You no longer have to announce the soup of the day more than a half dozen times! You just post it on your website, and everyone in all of your social media circles knows that Wednesday is the day for the best split pea soup on the planet! If you are overstocked on the ingredients for the best pot pie out there, and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm is your slow period, with one announcement on your web site, everyone you know on FB, TWTR, GOOG and LNKD will know exactly when they can get delicious pot pie at half price, and they will pass it on to their friends!

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