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A sports team website is a must. More and more everything is Internet driven. If your sports team is ever going to be on the road for away games, and you don’t have a team bus to pick everyone up, your team and your fans must have a website that lets everyone know when and where you will be taking on your greatest rivals. On top of this, you need a sports team website builder and hosting solution you can afford. Most teams are not professional and for profit. Most operate off member dues, car washes, or passing off expenses onto the players, or their family, or friends. Don’t worry. Doodlekit has you covered! Throw us the ball! We make it easy for you to do it all, from getting your domain name through designing your team’s website image.

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Your Teams Turnkey Web Solution

Because your team needs a website that makes building, managing, and updating your templates, pages, blogs, forum, forms, albums, videos, pictures, and shopping cart simple and affordable, Doodlekit is your complete, full package, turnkey solution. With our easy to learn tools and editors, you, the coach, and even team members and their families and friends can work as a team to score the best website ever. With just a little practice and a few drills, you’ll have everything you need on your site, from making a header image from your team picture, to selling team t-shirts and gear through your own team website shopping cart, to keeping an active calendar of when and where all the games are being played this season.


Make Sport Themed Templates

Whether you choose to go with our paid or free sports team website builder, you will have an incredible template wizard at your fingertips. This means we make your website easy to make without knowing anything about writing computer code. In other words, we walk you through every step of the way, from first obtaining a domain name, which will likely be your team name or a version of it, to uploading and cropping, and stylizing your team picture to make an incredible looking header image. Creating menus and links is as easy as clicking a button to add a new page. Inserting pictures and videos into your website’s team album is just as simple, as is creating a team schedule and even updating it in seconds whenever rain cancels a game.

What should my sports team website look like?

Before we get into creating the look and feel of your site by using our sports team website builder, we will caution that what you are about to read is not focused on the technical aspects of actually constructing, or making, your website. Doodlekit’s tools are so easy to use and learn we don’t need to spoon feed you on how to pick your colors off our pallet, or how to type in your initial domain name searches. We take pride in the fact that almost all of our users, our customers, find our editors, wizard, web building applications, and tools easy to learn by jumping right in and working with them. And if you do happen to get stuck, never fear! Just go to our forums and blogs just by going to our home page. For many years we and our customers have been addressing just about every general or discrete issue connected with using Doodlekit under the sun. Whether you are stuck on how to direct a team domain name you already own to our nameservers, you need to turn off blog comments, or you are having trouble giving the right people access to your site, you’ll likely find your answer in the link following “HELP!” just below. And the great news is you’ll never be stuck on your conundrum for long. Even if you can’t find your answer in our blogs or forums, you can post your problem and we or a member of the Doodlekit community will quickly provide you a solution. In fact, it probably won’t surprise us if someone else, with a sports website of their own, is your first responder.

HELP! Web Site Builder Troubleshooting

Ok, now that we are assured using our tools is easy to learn, let’s get on to the fun part. What is the first thing you need to do to create the image of your sports team website? In our opinion, you can’t go wrong by starting out with just using our template wizard to upload your team picture into your website’s main header. If this is too usual for you, consider taking your team picture and turning it into your site’s background wallpaper. This may be a good idea if you wish your team logo to be the main aspect of your header, or if you want to protect the anonymity of your team members. Such might be the case if you are the coach for a little league team. You want to be cautious when putting the images of children online. In fact, a good practice might be to never post an image of a child team member on your website, especially if you have not first obtained parental or legal guardian consent. So, whether you use your team picture on your site, either as the main header image, or as faded or black and white background wallpaper or not, doing so is a good default idea. It is simple, to the point, and represents your team by showing exactly who is playing this season.

Next, with regard to the look and feel of your site, once you’ve uploaded, cropped, and stylized your team picture, and have made it your background wallpaper or header image, our wizard makes the rest pretty easy. With a little trial and error, you can design the basic structure of all of your pages, blogs, forums and albums. Our pallet gives you a complete image of all the colors available, so you don’t have to code in the color, but can just click on the ones which represent your team. Our menus and side bars make it easy for you to organize all the content your sports team website offers. With all this said, just play around with the wizard. Go through a few iterations of templates and don’t be shy. The great thing about our template wizard is no matter how you rearrange everything to see what looks best, you can always put everything back again without losing any text, images, or videos you have already put on your site. That is one of the many advantages to Doodlekit. We have web building software that lets you change your site’s format without harming any of your content. In other words, if your sports website blog has a hundred blog entries, and you use our template wizard to move the link to it from right under your header image to a side bar, none of your blogs or their comments will be erased or changed. The look and feel, or the presentation of your blog and how to get to it based on link placement can be modified, but the text, images, and embedded videos will all remain the same.

Things to include in the sports team websites you build by yourself:

Team Picture: Assuming all of the athletes are adults, never are team sports websites complete without a team picture. As mentioned before, such yearly pictures are a great thing to make a primary and critical part of your website, so it is the first thing people see when they visit you online. Consider making your team picture an integral part of your main header or your background wallpaper. Also, consider creating an archive of team pictures. Every year you can post your new header image once the team picture is taken, and then put the one from the prior year into your photo album or into a page dedicated to your teams from prior years.

Practice Schedules and Game Times and Places: In web design and building, it is sometimes easy to forget the most basic things. This is why we mention posting your team's schedules of events. Maybe you are used to always printing schedules and passing them out, but now that you have your own Doodlekit, you don’t ever have to print another piece of paper again! So, consider making a menu link for both “Practices” and “Game Schedule” by simply creating a page for each. Type up all the times and locations, hit save, and now everyone can see when and where practice will be, as well as where to go for all of the away games. If you are a coach for a team of children or teenage players, and safety is an issue, you can password protect your schedules so only approved parents, guardians, and team members may access them. Also, Doodlekit makes it easy for you to create .pdf versions of your team’s schedules which you may post online. So if someone wants a printed paper copy, they can print it themselves.

A Team Shopping Cart: Are you ready for this? Maybe you are using Doodlekit’s most basic plan, so you have a free sports website hosted by us, but with a little upgrade your team can have its own shopping cart. That’s right, through our web hosting solution you can sign up for a PayPal or merchant account and handle all of the money online. Through our shopping cart platform, you can collect dues and sell team gear. Never do you have to collect dues or handle money or checks again. Team members, or their parents or guardians pay you by credit or debit card online, and the money goes straight into the team bank account. And remember handling all the team t-shirts, hats, and bumper stickers, all the boxes collecting dust that you had to manage? With a team website shopping cart, you can sell all the team gear through your website, and even have someone else do all the inventory management, packing and shipping. For example, if you have a Doodlekit shopping cart and PayPal account, all you have to do is go to someplace like, sign up and design your team t-shirts, hats and bumper stickers there, on their web site. Then you sell this stuff through your shopping cart. When a team member buys a t-shirt, they pay by credit card, then CafePress prints the shirt, packs, and ships directly to the team member. You never touch anything but the keyboard. All the money collection and inventory management is out of your hands forever!

Yes, a free sports team website can be yours through Doodlekit!

You may just need a free sports website, especially if you are just a bunch of adults that play softball or soccer, or volleyball every year for fun. All you really need is a basic website for posting your schedules of practice and the game times and places, making various announcements, keeping a blog, and posting pictures of all the fun antics and camaraderie. Doodlekit makes this possible, for free. Granted, you forfeit a little bit by not paying for a cheap subscription to our website builder, such as the advantage of having your own team shopping cart and your own sports team domain name. But you will still at least have a place for all of your team members to go to stay informed and to engage in playful banter over who last dropped the ball and lost the game. And let’s not forget! You can make an entire page devoted to the car wash fund raiser you put on every year because there are dues for using the field that have to be covered by the team. Not everyone pitches in a freebie for the team like Doodlekit does!

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