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Pick Templates

Pick Templates

Doodlekit has a huge selection of templates to pick from for your website. New templates are constantly being added. Our template library is ever-growing.

Make Templates

Make Templates

Our template tools allow you to make website templates from scratch. You can also tweak and customize existing templates. All without writing any code.

Share Templates

Share Templates

The only thing better than making your own templates is sharing them! Use our web page maker to share your templates with friends, family, and colleges.

Make A Website Your Way

Design Features

Design Features

Have control of every aspect of your websites design. Round your corners, change background patterns, pick your colors, add shadows, etc.

Website Header Tools

Website Header Tools

Make your own website header using your logos and images. Make a banner. Play a slideshow. Add title and sub-title text. Use custom colors.

Make Typeface And Icons

Typeface And Icons

Use different typeface and icons throughout your website to provide a unique look and feel to your design. Hundreds to pick and choose from.

Make Border Graphics

Border Graphics

Make unique borders on different parts of your website. Pick different graphics for each and change their colors. Set a theme to your website.

Make Banner Plate Graphics

Banner Plate Graphics

Place plate images and graphics in your header to make your website look more appealing. Pick and change plates from our vast library of graphics.

Make Patterns And Textures

Patterns And Textures

Use our vast collection of background graphics and textures to style up your website. Change their colors. Use different ones in each section.

Web Page Maker Features

Email Forwarding

Email Forwarding

Use your website's domain to make email addresses. Have emails that are sent to them forward on to one or more other email accounts.

Make Secure Websites

Security Tools

Register people to your website. Give them different levels of access to specific pages and website features. Make private web pages.

Make Photo Albums

Photo Albums

Upload images and photos. Make multiple photo albums. Display different sized thumbnail images. Have them open a slideshow when clicked.

Forum Maker

Forum Maker

Make online forums with topics for discussion. Register users to participate. Moderate comments. Assign rights and accessibility to users.

Make A Web Blog

Web Blog

Post articles and stories about yourself or your business. Read comments from others. Keep everyone up to date with what's going on.

Website Statistics

Website Statistics

Find out where your website traffic is coming from. See what websites referred them, what browser they use and what searches they did to find you.

Upload & Downloading

Upload & Downloading

Upload documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other files to your website. Create links to them that others can click on to download.

Form Maker

Form Maker

Make forms yourself for collecting data from your users. After submission display a custom 'thank you' messages or redirect them to a different page.

Make Website Stores

Website Stores

Sell products or services online through our shopping cart tools. Make your own store pages. Add as many items as you want to each store.

Make A Website The Fun And Easy Way!

Web Page Maker

Make A Free Website

Sign up for our web page maker. Try out our design tools. Make a template. Play around with the page editor. Add your own text and content.

Web Site Upgrade

Buy If You Like

So you like your new free website? Great! Upgrade and you get a domain along with a variety of other extra features and functions based on the plan you pick.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize For Search

Use our built in search engine tools to help you with SEO. Make sure your website has everything it needs for a better ranking and listing on the web.

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