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Paying a web designer to make a website for your small business can be expense. Doodlekit allows you to do this yourself. Build your own website.

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Don't lock yourself into a website contract that charges your for every update. Doodlekit lets you update all images and content yourself.

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Best Business Designs

Small business websites win or lose their prospective customers within the first few seconds of their arrival. This is especially the case if they initially find you via a search engine query particular to the goods or services you sell. In most of these instances, your header image or logo is what your customers see first, so these graphics, and their presentation, must be perfect.  Web design for small business can be a laboriously difficult task when so much weight is essentially put into the quality of your one second sale. With each customer you have to assume you only get one shot. For this reason, you need a header image cropping tool that is easy to use and fast, so you can edit your header or logo until perfection is attained.

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Small Business Web Hosting

Pictures are worth a thousand words, to cite the old cliché, and this adage is especially true with your small business website. You can’t even think of selling a product or service unless the customer can see what she is buying, or she is given a visual of the service she is seeking. This is why small business website builders must offer you, the owner or stakeholder, the ability to place images wherever they are needed on your site, be they the header, a representation of your logo, or pictures of what you are selling out of your shopping cart. Additionally, the best website builder for small business will give you an easy to use tool or editor which allows you to insert into/attach content to the images you upload into your site.

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Free Website Tools

Business websites require a form builder that makes it easy to collect information from customers without having to pay high rates to webmasters every time a change must be made. You need to be cost effective, which means doing it yourself. A good form builder allows you to do a number of boutique things, depending on the nature of your business. If you are a distributor or manufacturer, you need to be able to build Request for Quote (RFQ) forms particular to your business. Customers need to be able to give you specific types of information, hit submit, and have their requests land directly in your email inbox. If you provide a general service, you may need to be able to provide your customers with booking times and dates on your calendar.

A Free Website For Small Business Is Not An Oxymoron

Yes, the bare bones version is free, which includes enabling you to do your own web design for a small business all by yourself, and without having any knowledge of programming or software coding. And yes, our claim to free also includes web hosting for a small business. Will the cost free version be enough for you? Maybe, for it depends on your needs, which include a number of variables, such as your customer base, the nature of the services you provide your clients, the kinds of goods you distribute or manufacture, as well as how you sell and deliver your final product. In the end, if a very simple business home page with blogging capability will do the trick, the free builder may work. If nothing fancier than a simple business Internet home is needed for your customers to go to find your phone number, email address, location, and a general description of what you do or sell, and you have no need for a direct domain name, you will likely be satisfied with the no charge version. Nevertheless, if you do have requirements for complex web design for a small business, you may wish to sign up for a free website just to test drive our tools and editors. You’ll quickly surmise just how easy to use and user friendly all of our point and click interfaces, editors, image and video uploading tools, and template wizards really are. In short, our offering you a free website builder version of our product is one of our many ways of convincing you our shopping cart solution, forums, advanced content management and formatting systems, user registration portal, social media integration capabilities, and form builders are well worth the low price, no commitment, we charge on a month to month basis for our more advanced plans. We believe that within a few minutes of having your eyes and hands on Doodlekit’s web building tools and interfaces, you’ll be convinced none of our competitors give you the bang for the buck you’ll get with us. Doodlekit really is the best website builder for small business!

Websites For Small Business Must Beat The Local Competition Without Being A Time Sink!

If you are a small business owner or stakeholder, you are likely focused on a specific geographic area, be it your hometown, your neighborhood, your county, your state, or even a very discrete market segment where there are few players and customers and the competition is fierce. First things first, you need not only the best website on your block or turf, but your web design for your small business can’t take up all your time. Especially if you are a one man band, or have more than your fair share of administration and operations duties, you don’t have hours on end each day for sitting at a computer screen. You have to be out there selling, doing deals, pricing materials, and staying in the fight. You just don’t have time to make typing, formatting blogs, sizing pictures, or even worse, writing your own code your priority just because you’ve made the mistake of purchasing the wrong web site solution. Don’t worry! Doodlekit has you covered. If you don’t believe us, sign up for a free trial. We want you to see just how easy it is to build your own website with your own hands and how little time it can take to do a whole lot. We’ve made being in control of small business websites a reality for owners and managers who do not possess advanced computer skills. There is no catch. We know that if you like it you’ll sign up for one of our more advanced plans if they are needed. To emphasize, we know what it means to keep customers happy just like you do because we too are a small business. We know our product has to sell itself or we don’t make the sale. When we say free of charge, no commitment with no gimmicks, no contracts, or cancel any time, we mean it. We don’t take an iota or whit of your financial information as a precondition to your signing up for a free trial or free site and giving us a try. All we need is an email address and proof you are an adult human. We only take your credit card at a later time, and only if you sign up for a paid website option. We don’t trick you into buying by first hooking you into our free website builder, and then putting you at an impasse when we’ve got you surrounded.

Beat Your Local-Small Business Competition with Social Media

Before you raise an objection, “I thought you guys sell a small business website builder and hosting, why are you bringing up social media?” Let us say our builder does a lot, which includes making your social media easy to manage, one stop shopping. In other words, Doodlekit makes it easy for you to connect all your social media accounts in one place. When visiting your website, assuming it is a Doodlekit website, your customers will have single click access to your small business’s Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. We make it easy for your customers to “Like” you with a single click, pass you along on Twitter feeds, as well as give your goods and services favorable reviews for all of their friends to see. Via our tools, anything you post on your website can easily feed directly into your Twitter and Facebook, and other social media accounts. When you have something to announce, special discounts or coupons to offer, or otherwise wish to publish new information about your goods or services, how they are provided or delivered, you only have to say it once. Publish your blog on Doodlekit, and it’s already up and out there on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. No more cutting and pasting from one social media account to the next, to the next! Are you sold? If not, you should be. If you are not sold, we are pretty sure that you haven’t yet bought into the fact that just a small business website may not be all you need. Your business also has to be out there, in the social media word.

Why should you be convinced your small business website must be connected to social media? It has been said that President Obama won both terms because of his campaign’s support and involvement with Facebook and Twitter. He captured more eyeballs faster than any of the competition relying on print, radio, or television. The White House was lost by those neglecting social media’s power. Because everyone is connected to social media today, namely and especially your prospective and return customers, you need to be there too! They are really the voters when it comes to the goods or services you provide and sell. Think about it. People know what their friends are doing before they hear the major world news any more. The Internet tells them a lot more and a lot faster than paper mailers being stuffed into mailboxes once every 24 hours. It beats newsprint ads and coupons. Today, the things small businesses sell and the specials they offer get out there the fastest when they are announced on social media. As soon as your customers and prospective customers hear about what you are offering, they tweet or FB all about it within seconds. It all goes straight to the eyes and ears of their social media circles and friends, and then they pass it on!

Seeing is believing! What we are saying about the necessity of your small business website builder being tied to social media is a reality. Just look around. Everyone has changed their communication style almost overnight. They have gone from being newspaper readers and hand shakers, to being terminally connected to their smartphones. They don’t just chat face to face with people that are physically in front of them any longer. Instead, they are constantly looking down as they are walking, or even driving, or riding the subway. They are in constant communication, but not in the old style which was in fashion still only a few years ago. They are continually texting and checking on the goings on of their social circles, the happenings, even passing along any good deals they hear about which small businesses like yours are offering on their websites. There is a reason traditional advertising like paper news and magazines are disappearing. Fewer trees are being cut down for the paper that once went into sales and marketing endeavors. It is all going electronic, and print is dying out. In short, your business needs to be where people’s eyes are today: the Internet, web sites, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, to name just a few of the major players. Doodlekit helps you include your small business in the new digital age. Follow the wave and let your competition do it the old way. Let them pay for ads in newspapers and magazines, or even on radio shows. You are getting with the times, being “liked,” positively reviewed by people with lots of social media friends, and generally getting lots of referrals via texts and posts! Sales leads mean profits! You’ll take a sale where the sales are made, even if they are no longer tied to cutting down trees!

Building A Local Small Business Website

Small Business Websites

Personalize Your Website

Add content about yourself. Let people know who you are and why you started your business. Encourage interaction and participation on your website.

Local Small Business Websites

Support The Local Community

Talk about your neighborhood and local community. Put ads on your website to other local businesses. Blog regularly about events in your area.

Small Business Web Hosting

Talk With Customers

Profile your customers. Know them by name. Post their photos, comments, and reviews of your products and services. Show you are involved locally.

Local Small Business Website Building & Hosting Made Easy

Doodlekit makes it easy for you, as an owner or manager of a small local business, to build and maintain your own website. In short, we help you do it all yourself, even if you have no real computer or programming experience. All you do is sign up, and spend a little time learning how to use our point and click interfaces. You can give a hands-on try with our intuitive editors and applications, which are geared for simple management of text, images, recordings and videos. You can even use our template wizard to custom build your local small business website from scratch! There is a slight learning curve. Remember learning how to surf the Internet? At first it may have seemed daunting, but with a few hours at the helm you were a pro! If you don't believe using Doodlekit is as easy as we tout, then we invite you to sign up for your own free website for local small business plan. That's right, what you just read is true. You are more than welcome to try us out for free, to see if you like our tools and are as convinced as we are that you can build your own website without ever having taken a single computer course in your life. In exchange for your free try, we don't ask for your financial information. All we need is your name and an email address. We confirm you are who you claim to be by sending you a verification email address, and within minutes of your response you are on your way. There is no catch other than our hope you'll love our web building GUI and interface so much that you'll be delighted to sign up for a paid monthly subscription. That way you'll have things like our shopping cart features and forum tools available. And don't worry. Included with every free website is free web hosting for small local business. Enough of that! Just try us, and we think you'll like us. When you are finished playing around with your new Doodlekit after a few fun and addictive hours, we wager you'll more than agree we are the best website builder for small local business in town!

Things Not To Forget When Building A Website For A Small Local Business

In no particular order, we offer the following random pointers. There are the easy to forget things that really have nothing to do with actually using our tools to build/web design for your small local business. Because you are running a small local business or just starting one, and are not a professional web designer, it is easy to occasionally miss a few obvious points.

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