A WYSIWYG Web Builder With Template Design Tools

Pick Template Designs

Pick A Design

Select any design you want from Doodlekit's collection of templates. All designs are made through our WYSIWYG web builder and can be changed and edited.

Build Your Own Design

Build A Design

Design your own website. Use our advanced editing tools to build the perfect templates. Use our template wizard to quickly build designs from scratch.

Share Your Website Designs

Share A Design

Export and import custom designed templates. Share them with other Doodlekit users. Start your own collection. Become a web designer.

Advanced Web Designing Features

Header Image Plates

Image Plate Overlays

Header banner images can have overlay plates added to them. They come with a variety of design options like modern, grunge, or nature themes.

Fancy Borders Designs

Fancy Borders

Use our border tools to build websites with fancy borders and graphics. Building edges with flowers, rope, paper, notebook spirals, wood, etc. is easy.

Design Patterns For Backgrounds

Website Backgrounds

Our WYSIWYG web builder comes with hundreds of background images you can use on your website. Each image can be custom colorized.

Header Images And Logos

Header Images

Use your own photos to build a banner for your website. Upload a logo. Turn them into a slideshow when you add more than one image.

Standard Web Design Options

Design Options

Every major web design feature can be adjusted. Everything from rounding corners, changing colors, fading colors, setting transparencies, etc.

Text And Icon Styles

Text Styling

Choose a title text font from our huge collection of text styles. Pick another one for regular text. Add icons to website elements. Adjust colors as needed.

Everything You Need To Build A WYSIWYG Website

Secuirty For Your Website

Website Security

Assign registered users different levels of rights and privileges to your website. Secure pages to only be viewable by specific users.

Galleries For Photos And Images

Photo Galleries

Build free website galleries to hold albums and images. Add photos to albums. Add albums to galleries. Turn your albums into slideshows.

File Uploads

Upload Files

Build links to uploaded files for visitors to access. Add needed files to your website for custom design and website functionality.

Website Forums

Web Forum Tools

Build a website forum for your users. Provide them a place where they can discuss issues related to your website. Monitor your users activities.

Build A Blog


One of the best tools that comes with our WYSIWYG web builder is the blog. Use it to communicate and inform people all over the web. Draw traffic to your website.

Build Online Stores

Online Shops

Sell products and services online using our shopping cart tools. Build multiple store. Build complex items with multiple options for size, color, etc.

Online Forms

Form Builder

Use our form creation tools to build custom forms. Gather specific information from users. Have the data emailed to you or download it yourself.

Email Forwarding

Email Aliases

Using your domain you can build as many forwarding email addresses as you want. You can even build addresses that forward to multiple emails.

Website Statistics Data

Web Analytics

Track your website traffic. View charts and diagrams showing how many people visit your website, how long they stay, and where they are coming from.

Building A Website Has Never Been Easier

WYSIWYG Web Builder

Build A Free Website

Use our tools to build a website for free. Build a web design and template you like. Add content, images, and photos to blog posts and pages.

Web Site Upgrade

Make Your Website Public

Upgrading your website makes it public and visible on the internet. After using our free plan to build a website, you can upgrade it if you like it.

Search Engine Optimization


Getting your website to show up on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines takes work. Our tools help you optimize your website for better listings.

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